I’m a Software Engineer with over a decade of experience building software systems for customers around the world. I like to work on challenging problems which involve technology, people and delivering real customer value.

I work at GameChanger in New York City as VP Technology. We build innovative tools and compelling experiences for the amateur sports market which help teams, players, families and communities to stay connected. I spend my time on everything from building scalable distributed systems architectures to building scalable engineering teams.

In my spare time I’m a long-suffering Tottenham Hotspur fan, I ski whenever possible, read mostly non-fiction, cook breakfast like a champion and embark on the occasional DIY project.

Originally from the UK, I have lived all over the planet and believe in the value of diverse perspectives and always being willing to challenge one’s own ideas.

I write about topics which interest me, of which there are many.

Spelling and grammar is unapologetically British.